Redmon, Peyton & Braswell has decades of experience in handling Federal government contracting matters. As Federal agency counsel to acquisitions and executive decision-makers and as private sector attorneys for Federal contractors of all sizes, we provide legal advice and assistance on all facets of Federal acquisitions: identifying contracting opportunities (including GSA Schedule participation), preparing successful responses to solicitations, negotiating contract awards, protesting or defending contract award decisions, and pursuing claims and disputes during contract administration. We believe that working closely with clients to obtain and retain Federal government contracts helps ensure continuity and expansion of their Federal business.

Capturing Federal Business Opportunities

Redmon, Peyton & Braswell attorneys work with Federal government contractor clients as they identify and successfully compete for Federal business opportunities. We assist in the preparation of proposals in response to Federal agency competitive solicitations, negotiate with Federal agency contracting officials, and advise clients on contract administration issues involving existing contracts and on efforts aimed at meeting changing Federal agency needs. Our attorneys help clients develop successful strategies to obtain and retain Federal government contracts, while continuing to focus on the competitiveness and flexibility necessary to meet the requirements of the Federal government of the future.

GSA Schedule Assistance

Our attorneys provide legal advice and assistance to clients seeking to participate on the General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). We assist clients as they navigate the process for getting on the GSA Schedule, including identifying the particular GSA Schedule solicitations to which they should respond, obtaining the necessary registrations and certifications (DUNS, SAM and Open Ratings), and responding to specific, identified GSA Schedule solicitations. Our expertise in this area assists clients of all sizes in a wide variety of business sectors, from information technology to management services to homeland security and national defense, in obtaining GSA Schedule opportunities. Thereafter, we assist our clients in maintaining the resulting GSA Schedule awards made by individual Federal agencies.


The Federal government must award contracts in accordance with statutes and regulations that require full and open competition. Disappointed offerors are free to file bid protests at the General Accounting Office (GAO) or in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims if they believe they have not been treated fairly during the procurement process in violation of the law. Protester’s attorneys assist protesters by obtaining a required debriefing from the awarding Federal agency, preparing and filing a timely protest, interacting with agency counsel to seek early corrective action, filing appropriate supplementary pleadings, and participating in conferences with GAO counsel. In addition, after a company has been awarded a contract and a competitor files a protest alleging that the contract was improperly awarded, the awardee has a legal right to intervene at GAO, thereby taking an active role in defending the contract award from attack. The role of intervenor’s counsel includes assisting the Government in defending against the protest, attacking the protester’s bid or proposal, seeking dismissal of the protest on various procedural grounds, and providing detailed comments to GAO. Our attorneys have decades of experience in both protesting and intervening to defend Federal government agency awards of contracts on a wide variety of bases on behalf of government contractor clients.

Further, during contract administration, disputes and claims often arise between the Federal agency and the contractor. We have substantial experience in recovering claimed costs and successfully resolving disputes on behalf of government contractor clients administratively before the Armed Services and Civilian Boards of Contract Appeals and in Federal court.