The attorneys of Redmon, Peyton & Braswell understand the seriousness and complexity of investigations that focus on corporate, professional, or financial matters. As various governmental regulatory authorities increase scrutiny of routine business and financial transactions, individuals at all levels of the corporate hierarchy may find themselves needing counsel to navigate these challenges.

Drawing on the experience of former federal and state prosecutors, we will advocate to the proper decision-makers on behalf of our clients in effort to prevent criminal indictments or civil litigation. We view this task as the “trial before the trial”—and we take it as seriously as any formal legal proceedings.

Our attorneys understand that such challenges are not just pure legal matters, but involve serious consequences to an individual’s livelihood and career. The primary goal in a white collar defense matter is to manage any investigation so as to reduce the possibility of a serious legal charge, such as a criminal indictment, civil litigation, state or federal criminal tax matter, or job termination. While this is the goal, it may not be feasible in every case. In cases where litigation is necessary, Redmon, Peyton & Braswell attorneys have the experience and the knowledge to vigorously protect and defend our clients’ rights and interests. Our attorneys pride themselves on being trial lawyers and will not shy from the courtroom if necessary to protect our clients.