Why Should I Hire A Truck Accident Lawyer?

There Are Advantages To Hiring A Specialized Lawyer For Auto & Truck Accidents

Almost everybody, at some point, will get into a car accident.

While the damage from accidents involving small to medium sized vehicles can be somewhat managed and mitigated, the damage from semi-trucks will almost always be much more significant due to the sheer size and power behind a truck.

Hiring a specialized lawyer who is trained and knowledgable on truck accidents can help you through the legal processing and all issues in general.

Here are some advantages to hiring a truck accident lawyer if you’re involved in a truck accident:

Laws & Policies

There are specific trucking laws and regulations that are in place for truckers. Having a lawyer who knows these specific regulations can help your legal battle and get you the compensation that you deserve.

If you hire a general lawyer whose not so knowledgeable on these laws and policies, you may be unfairly compensated and misrepresented.


Accidents between two personal automobiles are relatively straightforward. Normally, insurance information is traded between the two and the insurance company handles most of the heavy lifting.

When a commercial truck is involved, however, liability becomes a much more complicated issue.

Who’s to blame? The truck driver? The company? The engineers who built the truck?

There are several more parties involved in legal matters when it comes to truck accidents.

Work with a lawyer for truck accidents who is skilled and experienced at sorting out the chaos that comes with trucking accidents. They can make certain that injury victims from truck accidents are financially secured and compensated properly.

Insurance Policies

To add to the chaos of trucking accidents, how you handle insurance becomes another issue.

With commercial trucks, multiple insurance parties can be involved.

The truck driver can be individually insured; the truck itself can be insured; the hiring company can offer insurance; the truck’s load and cargo can even be insured as well.

If you are represented by a lawyer who knows how to deal with multiple parties, this can also lead to unfair compensation.

Most insurance companies will look out for their own company and their insurance holders. Hire a highly-rated personal injury attorney to ensure you get treated fairly!


As mentioned earlier, the sheer size and power of trucks can cause massive damage. Not just on automobiles, but property as well.

Let’s say that you get hit by a semi-truck and the collision causes your vehicle to crash into a building or light post. Who’s at fault?

Damage isn’t only limited to the physical but mental as well.

Being hit by a truck can be traumatic. It can cause PTSD, and general fear for driving, significantly impairing your transportation means.

According to a personal injury attorney in Fresno, if you don’t have the right type of lawyer by your side, you may not even be monetarily compensated for mental trauma and damage. This can cause you to pay for these damages out of your own pocket.

Get in touch with us today for a free case evaluation and see if hiring an auto accident attorney is right for you!

Finding the Right Elder Law Attorney for those in a Senior Care Center

The area of law that focuses on senior citizens and their family members is called elder law. 

Planning of an estate, devising payment methods for long term care, handling Medicaid spending, and dealing with Powers of Attorney are all things that an elder law attorney would handle. 

Seniors can have the best care possible when all of the legal documents surrounding them are in order. 

For these reasons, it’s necessary to have a trusted legal expert according to Senior Care Center. We can help you find an attorney for your elder issues by giving you 5 tips that will make it easy to find a qualified one.

Here are a few options for finding an elder law attorney:

1. Talk to people around you for referrals

Friends and family members are the perfect places to start when looking for a lawyer.

Also, search for an assisted living facility nearby and they’ll be able to advise you. You’re already on the right track if you can find someone who has a lawyer that they would be willing to contact again if they needed them. Someone with similar legal needs to your own would be the best person to get a referral from, but referrals for legal experts in other areas of focus can still be helpful. A good lawyer will be more than happy to help you contact a colleague of theirs who knows a lot about elder law.

Accountants, fiduciaries, and even financial advisors usually work with attorneys who specialize in elder law, so if there’s one that you think is good, don’t hesitate to ask them for referrals.

2. The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys can be examined

This organization, which is known as the NAELA, is specifically special needs planning and elder law attorneys. They have a locator on their website which you can use to search for elder law attorneys that are the closest to you.

Finding an Elder Law Attorney with the help of 5 tips

Even if you’ve found a referral for an attorney to potentially work with, you still have to measure your choices. Most people like to wait until they’ve actually met the attorney they’re about to hire in person before paying for their services. Learn about their credentials and discuss what you need for them to do to see if it’s the right fit.

1. Start with a consultation

By meeting the attorney in person, you can properly evaluate their work style and see if it’s what you want. Having a summary of what you wish to accomplish will make it possible to keep the meeting for no more than 30 minutes and possibly result in a consultation with no fee. If the attorney does charge a fee, ask how much it is before the meeting.

Giving the same information to multiple lawyers can help you compare their responses. You’ll be able to think of questions for them and you’ll have an idea of whether or not anything they’re telling you is accurate.

2. See how well the attorney has handled an issue like yours in the past

An attorney with experience in cases similar to yours is ideal. Since they’ve dealt with this issue or something like it in the past, they may already know the best way to handle it after just the first consultation with you. Simply by asking about their experience with estate planning, Power of Attorney, or more helps create a more clear understanding.

3. Perform a customer service evaluation

An attorney should always be responsive to your requests and behave in a professional manner. 

When you meet with the attorney, you’ll have a clearer understanding of who they are and how they work.

4. During the meeting, take notes on their words.

Write down notes while your meeting with the attorney is taking place, and review your notes afterward. This will help you remember everything they’ve gone over with you, and will be helpful to use when making the decision about who you feel is the right person to work with.

5. Research the attorneys credentials

Each state has a Bar Association website that can be checked. From there, you can make sure that the attorney still has a state license to practice law. Using the website, you can also see any disciplinary measure that has been taken against the attorney.