5 Things to Avoid During a Divorce

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Divorce may be the only way out when things get nasty in marriage. People file for divorce following desertion, conviction, separation, insanity, and cruel treatment. Having to bid farewell to a partner who has been part of one’s life is a tough moment. One needs the courage to weather the coming storm. The top five things that divorce attorneys discourage include;

  • False Accusations
  • Issuing Threats
  • Social Media Rants
  • Fighting
  • Ignoring Court Orders

During a divorce, one may lose their cool and choose to offer false accusations. Whether for a good reason or not, lying will jeopardize the result of the case. Attorneys know that the court can detect lies. If the court gets to suspect that you are presenting false accusations, it may investigate specific legal info and find out the truth.

The result is that the jury will not believe any other thing you say, even if it is truthful. While it may seem an excellent trick to report falsely about child abuse during a divorce, the consequences are dire. The judges will not be amused if proved to be false. Instead, you will be limited and even supervised in accessing your children. 

Domineering partners may think that they can issue threats to get things done their way during a divorce. However, the truth if the matter is that it is a foolish move to stage at such a time. The best way to handle a divorce is to leave it in the able hands of the attorneys and judges. Saying things like “You will regret” or “You will suffer” can be used against you in court. 

Most people take their issues online to see what their friends will say. It’s important to note that not all friends on social media are friendly. Some are malicious, and they will use anything to harm you. Your spouse can get a printout of your Facebook posts and present them before the judge. You may be right about how bad your spouse was, but for the sake of peace, you should keep it to yourself. Otherwise, you will get judicial orders that will show that your rights to visitation with your children will be limited. 

Court Rulings

Before the final ruling in court, divorcees may be forced to live together. If you get angry, don’t fight. Fighting under one roof can be catastrophic. It may cause judges to rule in favor of your spouse and let them have full possession of the home. To avoid such losses, lawyers typically advise you to find a way to cool your tempers. Getting moody in the court is not a good idea since it will sabotage the case making you look bad. 

Divorce Suggestions

Regardless of how busy you become during a trial, never ignore court orders. Ignoring court orders will offend the jury. It is a sign of disrespect to the court. Sometimes your spouse refuses to pay their legal fees. Don’t take tricky matters into your own hands by refusing to appear in court. The only way to help your case out is to attend the court.

If you need any help navigating your tricky situation, always feel free to reach out to one of our divorce attorneys for a free consultation.