Tax Write-Offs for Your Wedding You Probably Didn’t Know About

As you plan your upcoming wedding (congratulations, by the way!) you probably aren’t thinking about, well, taxes.

But you should be! There are some key tax write-offs for weddings that you may be missing out on, and we want you to take advantage of every tax issue you can.

The best part? You get to actually feel good about what you are doing. All of these write-offs include donating what you have to organizations that help others, so you are helping yourself and helping others.

Donate Your Wedding Dress

There are philanthropies dedicated to collecting and distributing gently used gowns to those who can’t afford them on their own!

Consider Making Memories, a foundation dedicated to helping women with breast cancer.

You can also donate it to a local second-hand shop, just make sure that it is technically a nonprofit before doing so. Just ask them if they are a 503-c and they will know what you mean.

Photography, Decorations & Flowers

Definitely make sure to keep all of your receipts for the wedding photography, flowers, and decorations! You can donate your tealights, centerpieces, etc, to a local Salvation Army or Goodwill and write it off as a donation up to the fair market value of each item! You will definitely need a receipt from the organization you choose to donate to!

Consider donating your flowers to a women’s shelter or a similar nonprofit; that way their beauty can be appreciated before they wilt and you get a write-off.

Host Your Wedding in a Non-Profit Venue

If you host your ceremony or reception in a house of worship, a historic building, a garden, museum, state or national park, your site fees can be written off as deductible donations.

Say you are hosting your ceremony at a church. If their services aren’t set up so that you can use it as a tax write-off, see if you can make a large donation instead of paying your ceremony fee. Never hurts to ask!

Donate Your Extra Food

Chances are that your guests won’t actually eat all of the food that you have. Luckily, you can always donate it to a nearby homeless shelter.

Here is a list of homeless shelters near us in Northern Virginia to get you started.

This one takes a little bit of extra work. You are going to need to keep and record all of your receipts and contracts with your caterers so that you can actually calculate the value of the food you donated.

We recommend you coordinate with both your caterer and the organization you are donating to beforehand. It’s always better to figure out the details earlier rather than later!

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