7 Great Ways to Find an Experienced Attorney

If you have a legal issue that requires an attorney, you need to ensure you only work with the best. Whether it be a family attorney, DUI attorney, auto accident attorney, or any other kind of attorney, every lawyer out there will claim to have the ability to solve your problem. So, what do you do?

The best lawyers in your area are those that have years of experience in handling different cases. Whatever the need, seven methods can be used to look for an experienced attorney. 

1. Referrals from Trustworthy Sources

Friends and family members won’t lie to you about their lawyers. The are a great source of information to gain an understanding of their experiences with lawyers in a variety of situations.

If they have had lawyers who have successfully helped them through a case in the past, ask for an introduction.

Other qualified sources of information on lawyers are lawyers themselves. You can request an attorney you’ve used in the past for a different type of case to refer you to their experienced colleagues in handling other types of legal matter. Good lawyers usually have a list of the top attorneys that they would approach in case of personal legal issues.

Another option are people in your company. Bosses and workmates can also be of help in giving suggestions to the right lawyers for your unique situation. 

2. Googling

If you didn’t get any good lead from personal referrals, you could try searching on Google and looking at reviews.

There are also other online sources such as martindale.com, justice.org, avvo.com, and thenationaltriallawyers.com which are all pretty resourceful.

In your search, narrow down to highly-rated lawyers (but make sure you actually read through the reviews). Choose lawyers with the highest level of expertise, integrity, professional excellence, and experience. You can also search for the attorneys you got from referrals. This way, you will make informed decisions.  

3. Client Reviews

Client reviews are essential tiebreakers in choosing attorneys. Here, both the number of studies and the description of experiences matter. The volumes of reports indicate the level of experience. You may want to know when the first review was done as well as the turnaround. Read as many client reviews as you can to find out if the attorneys have some shortcomings. 

4. Check the Firm’s Web page 

Experienced attorneys perfect their businesses.

They make their websites appealing and professional.

Years of experience help lawyers understand the impact of the first impression. If you find that the website is easy to use, has a wealth of information through blog posts, and customer reviews are easily accessible and genuine, know that you may have found a good lawyer. 

5. Teams versus individuals 

You may need to choose between an individual and a group of lawyers. Most cases will have better outcomes when they are subjected to brainstorming. Partner firms with many lawyers are better than individual attorneys. This is not always the case since personal experience may overrule numbers.

6. Attorney’s Response

Calling a lawyer’s office and getting an inadequate response is a bad indicator. A good lawyer should be ready to answer your concerns at all times. It would be best if you chose an attorney after weighing their experience. Find out how many years they’ve practiced law. Establish their depth of knowledge in the field. 

7. Contact the local Bar Association 

Contacting your local attorney organization is a quick way to finding an experienced attorney. The bar association will give you leads to attorneys in the local area. This way, you can get top-notch attorneys who are available to deal with your case. Be prepared to find alternative lawyers in case the highly recommended ones are booked.