5 Reasons You Need a DUI & Accident Attorney

In the unfortunate event that you’ve been pulled over or caused an accident and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Despite how terrible the situation at hand may seem, there is no need to panic. A DUI lawyer and a car accident lawyer will help you navigate through the complex Court System in this seemingly hopeless situation.

5 Reasons to Hire The Right Lawyer For Your DIU Accident:

1. Expert Background Knowledge in DUI Law

DUI law is an immensely complex area that features a surprising variation on a state-by-state basis. Although you may be attracted to hiring a standard criminal litigator, they do not have a particular expertise you require when facing such potentially severe consequences. It would help if you had someone with a robust education in Virginia’s DUI laws. This distinct knowledge is essential to ensuring the best possible result for you in court.

2. Intricate Understanding of DUI Proceedings

DUI lawyers understand how to navigate the DUI procedure’s harsh and complex terrain triumphantly. With background knowledge characterized by specific expertise, they know the actions to take to provide you with a more natural path through the legal system. They understand which precise technical issues to reference to keep your breath test out of court. Their ability to craftily negotiate is paramount to ensuring less severe sentencing in the face of serious charges.

3. Background in Traffic and Motor Vehicle Law

Before a lawyer can even dabble in DUI cases, secure experience in DUI’s, traffic and motor vehicle law is essential. Without a thorough understanding of these two complementary areas, a lawyer would not be able to successfully traverse DUI law. DUI lawyers have this foundational knowledge and can apply this expertise to help craft a strong case specific to your situation.

4. The Dynamic Nature of DUI Law

DUI law is a uniquely dynamic field. Constant changes make a complete understanding of the area arduous to maintain. If your lawyer provides an antiquated defense strategy, you will have an excruciatingly painful time avoiding harsh sentencing. Luckily DUI lawyers keep meticulous track of these frequent alterations. This allows them to continually update their framework knowledge and legal tactics, making them an exact fit to represent you.  

5. Potential to Prevent License Suspension

DUI lawyers recognize the importance of driving. Operating a motor vehicle becomes ingrained in almost every aspect of life. If charged with a DUI, license suspension may be swift and automatic. DUI lawyers understand the specific procedures to take so you can stay on the road. Whether it be ignition interlock device installation or an MVA hearing, they will help you avoid losing such an essential component of your daily routine.  

You now understand why hiring a DUI lawyer is imperative if you have been charged with a DUI. RP&B Law offers the most accomplished and knowledgeable defense attorneys in Northern Virginia. Equipped with a legal arsenal much larger than the list above, they will be able to help you traverse this challenging case.