4 Avoided Conversations Behind Drinking and Driving

man in car drinking and driving

If you are of legal age, drinking alcoholic beverages is a perfectly acceptable social activity. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing and enjoying a drink with your friends and family.

Unfortunately, there is a line that is sometimes crossed when friends, family, and innocent civilians are in danger. That happens every time someone gets behind the wheel intoxicated.

You’ve probably heard some variation of these warnings countless times:

Drinking and driving can destroy your entire life in an instant.

Driving drunk will kill you.

It’s not worth it to drink and drive.

Despite the accuracy of these statements meant to deter you from even thinking of getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, they are redundant.

With countless commercials, school lessons, and parental lectures on the subject, nobody can blame you. Everyone knows driving drunk can kill; everyone knows they may end up you severely handicapped.

Yet, according to TIME, roughly 20% of Americans drive while under the influence of alcohol.

Therefore, this conversation is still pertinent.

Today we are going to discuss four reasons you shouldn’t drink and drive that aren’t as widely discussed as they should be.

4 Ways Drinking and Driving Destroys Lives

Driving is an activity that requires your reactionary abilities to be at their absolute sharpest. Without such concentration, you will lose the capacity to follow the rules of the road yourself, but you will not be able to react to the mistakes of other drivers, and sometimes even animals quickly enough.
According to a study conducted by the University of Texas at San Antonio, intoxication reduces your response time by 15% to 25%.

Not only does drinking drastically diminish your decision-making ability, but it slows your reaction time. In other words, driving under the influence of alcohol brings your chances of getting into an accident to staggering heights.

1. Drunk Driving Places Your Friends and Family in Danger

If you refuse to refrain from drinking and driving for your safety, at least do it to protect your friends and family. By driving drunk, you place the safety of anyone who accompanies you in jeopardy.

Not only must you worry about putting yourself at risk for severe injury or death, but now you are selfishly imposing this hazard on your loved ones. But you probably already know all of this. So try talking to someone who’s survived such an incident, and their loved ones didn’t. They are no longer the same person. It’s permanently damaged their daily lives.

It only takes one delayed reaction or driving mistake to destroy the lives of those you care about most. Which do you value more, a minuscule transportation convenience, or the lives of your friends and family? Always remember, there are options such as Uber and Lyft, which make it simple to avoid bad decisions.

2. Drunk Driving Does Kill

One day, Joe was driving home from a rough day at work. As he glared at the gleaming red light of the traffic signal, all that ran through his mind was getting back to his wife and children. He could almost smell the delicious hot meal waiting in the oven, almost feel the loving embrace of his son and daughter. The shift from red to green snapped him out a daze as he began to ease his way across the intersection.

Out of nowhere came a car exceeding the speed limit, not noticing his light had turned red.

This car happened to be operated by a drunk driver. Joe did not make it home to his family that day.

According to http://www.theobrienfirm.com/, deadly situations like these happen to roughly 27 Americans each day. Do you want to be responsible for one of these tragic deaths? The reality of drunk driving is that it has a disturbingly high potential to end innocent people’s lives. Is the convenience of getting behind the wheel drunk worth ending a human being?

3. Drunk Driving Leaves You Without Transportation

People aren’t the only liability in the drunk driving dynamic. Whether through a legitimate crash or mere recklessness, driving under the influence of alcohol makes your car, and your wallet susceptible to critical damage.

One night of convenience will cause weeks, if not months and years, of immense inconvenience. You will be stuck wasting time on public transportation or paying costly rental car fees while your car sits in the shop, awaiting repair or replacement. Don’t forget about the tremendous damage getting your vehicle back in shape will have on your bank account for years to come. Why place your primary means of transportation in jeopardy instead of choosing an alternative for just one night?

4. Drunk Driving Will Induce Crippling Guilt

Drunk driving generates a plethora of liabilities. Whether you, a friend/loved one, or innocent civilians, you place them all at tremendous risk. If you injure or kill one of these parties through your alcohol-induced recklessness, you will forever bear the burden of your actions.

You will be forced to live the rest of your life with crippling guilt. The fact that you caused so much suffering with one stupid decision will haunt you for the rest of your days. Is a lifetime of guilt-induced misery worth one night of convenience?

We have only scratched the surface of the disturbingly extensive catalog of reasons why you shouldn’t drive drunk—getting behind the wheel while intoxicated will place so many in danger that it simply isn’t worth it. Why risk so much for such a minuscule convenience?

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