3 Ways To Take Mugshots Off The Internet

Having a mugshot online can be something that dents your image. If you have such a photo online, don’t fret, there are ways you can have it pulled down.

Method #1: Mugshot Removal Sites

You may have come across sites that offer to get rid of your mugshot from the internet, but this is at a fee. Most of these mugshot removal websites say that such a thing involves a complicated, painstaking process. Some of them will liaise with the sites that posted your mugshot. One of the top choices for such websites is internetreputation.com that uses direct links to the site publishing the pictures. The beauty of using these sites is the process of pulling down your mugshots can be as easy a single click. However, you will have to dig a bit deep into your pockets because the services are providers at a rate of around $400-$500 for mugshot removal services.

It is prudent to point out that the money you pay for the removal of your mugshots goes directly to the sites that posted the pictures. It is a sign that the websites are in cahoots; one posting mugshots so that the other can offer to pull the images down.

The removal solutions function colluding with the posting agents is such a bummer. It means that the removal service providers have a business plan that has a grey area regarding certain legal aspects. Some of the legit entities will not help you get rid of your mugshots from the internet until your case is concluded. Therefore, you may have to present your case and show the validity that qualifies for your pictures being deleted from the internet.

Method #2: Expungement

With the expungement option, the site will get rid of the mugshot once your email them the evidence that qualifies you for such a thing. It is a measure meant to ensure that they are not breaking the law when helping you make your mugshots unavailable online. The pictures can be pulled down as soon as you get your conviction revoked. You can reach out to the sites that publish the images and inform them to remove your pictures since your case has been expunged.

However, your mugshot may not be removed immediately after your case, or criminal record has been deleted. However, expungement does help. And keep in mind that the expungement process may be lengthy and you will face court fees aside from what you will pay for having your mugshots removed.

Method #3: Hiring An Attorney

You may enlist the services of a lawyer to help you get your mugshots pulled down from the internet. The attorney will look into your case and then send a letter demanding that your images be removed for the respective sites. The message will state that the named parties face a lawsuit if they fail to comply and take down your mugshots. The back and forth that comes will a litigation process, as well as the costs of the same will be one of the factors that force the website to comply with the request and remove your pictures.

With the attorney option, you may have the process done fact and a possible guarantee that no image of you will be on the sites. More the costs of having the mugshots taken down when you have a lawyer assisting you with this are relatively less compared to what you pay the removing solutions sites. At times, all it may take is for the attorney to ‘blow hot air’ at these sites and they will be quick to remove the mugshots.

In as much as you can compose the demand letter and email it to the respective sites to get rid of your mugshots, you may not get the desired response to your request. However, if the lawyer takes charge of things and personally sends the demand letter, the websites are most likely to comply.  But keep in mind that any complexities regarding your case may make the process a bit hard and thus you may have to spend a bit more to benefit from the services and expertise of a qualified attorney.

Furthermore, there is the possibility that your mugshot may not be taken down even if you have a lawyer on your side. Having the letter state tough phrases such as an invasion of privacy or claiming harassment may do little to sway the websites to remove your mugshots. Given this, at times, success may be one that involved the attorney working with the removal solution sites to help have your images taken down from the internet.