eDiscovery, ESI Preservation
and Information Governance

We do eDiscovery, ESI Preservation and Information Governance efficiently.

James Kurz is an active member of the Sedona Conference’s WG1 and long-time participant at the Georgetown Advanced eDiscovery Institute. He frequently speaks on eDiscovery and Information Governance issues to the local bar and to business groups. Virginia Hoptman managed an educational website design company in the 1990s, and understands and appreciates corporate IT infrastructure.

We manage eDiscovery in our own litigation. We also play nicely in the sandbox with other lawyers and firms—we serve as eDiscovery counsel when requested by our clients on matters where we are not lead counsel.

In the broader field of Information Governance, we counsel mid-sized business regarding email and record retention policies, legacy data management, BYOD and social media practices, and preservation obligations.

eDiscovery, ESI Preservation and Information Governance Resume

  • Managed eDiscovery in complex federal court litigation—Rule 26(f) conferences, Form 52 Reports, and Rule 16(b) Scheduling Orders; eDiscovery protocols, production and format compliance, and receipt and management of eDiscovery.
  • Contested eDiscovery issues involving (i) production from email archives, (ii) database production and formats, (iii) search of tape backups, (iv) access to legacy data, (v) preparation and production of privilege logs under FRE 502, and (vi) application of the Stored Communication Act to third-party eDiscovery.
  • Briefed and argued spoliation claims in federal and state courts proceedings and in arbitration. Additionally, we have published an article on proposed Rule 37(e), the pending rule amendment on ESI spoliation.

Please Note: Results in a particular case depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not predict similar results in any future case. No attorney-client relationship is formed until you meet with us and agree to terms of the representation.