Investigations and Criminal Defense

An investigation or criminal charge is one of the most sensitive, emotional, and threatening experiences that an individual or entity can face. Such circumstances call for experienced and informed counsel to navigate these difficult challenges.

Redmon, Peyton & Braswell provides the efficient and discrete handling of sensitive investigations and criminal defense. Drawing on the experience of former prosecutors with experience at both the federal and state levels, we advocate on our client’s behalf in investigations to achieve the best-possible result. We understand that, when a client’s reputation, career, and liberty are at stake, a battle must be waged to prevent or mitigate any formal findings or criminal charges.

If an individual does face criminal charges in the state or federal courts of Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia, our attorneys have the confidence and experience to advocate and fight for our clients. In close consultation with our clients, we craft a defense that is sensitive to financial expense, reputational considerations, and the need for a successful outcome.