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Redmon Peyton & Braswell deploys HOLD•PRESERVE•COMPLY to support its business litigation clients in their compliance with the duty to preserve Electronically Stored Information (ESI) both before and during litigation.



HOLD•PRESERVE•COMPLY is a cost-efficient Legal Hold management solution suitable for small and mid-sized companies. It’s a solution designed by trial lawyers to make ESI preservation manageable. It works well in single-case situations; but its real strength is rescuing the attorney or client who has multiple matters — even several hundred matters — that require Legal Holds.

All litigants have a duty to preserve relevant documents, including ESI. The requirement may at first appear simple, but quickly the preservation requirements can escalate in even a single case, and certainly when the cases multiply. Even a modest litigation docket can throw-off 250,000 preservation tasks. Our approach is to tackle this challenge at the outset — to manage the challenge so that it does not become a monster.

We know HOLD•PRESERVE•COMPLY better than anyone else. In fact, we built it. We acquired the IP behind the solution, then completed the design, hired the developers, and deployed it as a SaaS solution. HOLD•PRESERVE•COMPLY provides the structure and process for a compliant Legal Hold solution. HOLD•PRESERVE•COMPLY goes beyond preservation management — it provides an auditable, court-ready record of ESI preservation planning, implementation, and periodic review of Matter-specific Hold Programs.



To better understand the ESI preservation requirements, download the White Paper, “A Trial Lawyer’s Wish List: Legal Hold and Data Preservation Management Solution.” This paper describes the legal requirement and gives a high-level view of the solution.

To learn more about HOLD•PRESERVE•COMPLY, review the About the Solution section accessible from the right-side panel on this page. To go deeper into solution, turn to the Getting Started Guide, a 5-part somewhat whimsical primer on the workings of HOLD•PRESERVE•COMPLY. Here you can learn more than you ever wanted to know about Hold Programs, the designGRID, and Dashboard Reports.

For additional information about HOLD•PRESERVE•COMPLY and how we use this solution in our litigation practice, please contact James Kurz or Dan Mauler at Redmon Peyton & Braswell.